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Expert Interviews on Real Estate Investing Topics,
Plus Monthly Support for your Real Estate Issues

We have a super exciting Rehabbing Remotely real estate Club set up just for  you.  I’m very excited about this Club and how it helps so many people getting into real estate investing, especially if you’ve chosen to invest in real estate outside of your area. With this membership you will get monthly access to the private members area and access to the monthly Expert calls and Interviews with accomplished guests. This is for any investor wanting ongoing support for Q & A, but ALSO want to continue learning various concepts with real estate investing.

Monthly Interviews/Webinars with Expert Guests

There is more to this real estate investing business than meets the eye.  So each month I have expert guests to share their knowledge so you can move forward or expand your business. Topics like:

  • How to invest in Mobile Homes
  • Current status of the Lending Markets
  • Negotiation Skills for Investors
  • How to recognize scammers
  • Organizing your office
  • Is Crowd-funding all it’s hyped up to be?
  • Dealing with Contractors
  • Self-Directed IRA’s
  • Developing and protecting your “brand”
  • Finding additional streams of income for your business
  • Newest technologies in Real Estate – for example, Drones
  • Commercial Real Estate Terminologies for the newbie
  • Real Estate Agents – who needs them?
  • Surprises with Rehabbing
  • Superstition and cultures in real estate investing
  • Do you have a land play, or are you just paying taxes on a sink hole?
  • Dealing with MOLD
  • And so much more…

All of these subjects are recorded for viewing or .mp3 files for listening later too!

Past Interviews Include:

Expert Interview with Note Broker Robert Young, The Texas Note Company How to Structure your Seller Financed Note for Maximum Value

In this interview Robert Young takes us step by step on creating the owner-financed note and answers all the questions you have about providing seller financing to your buyer.  Critical issues discussed were:

  • How long should I make the note?
  • What interest rate should I charge?
  • How much of the value of the house should I finance?

The answers to these questions tell you exactly how to structure the note so you can get the maximum value for the note when you want to sell that note.  Filled with the issues to watch out for, even something as similar as making sure you safeguard the original note is discussed and understood. RobertYoung Robert Young A leading expert in real estate finance and investment and Founder of the Texas Note Company. He is a writer, educator, coach and Author of The Gold In The Paper. Robert is an investor that uses proven owner financing techniques and strategies to manage real estate transactions. He buys owner financed notes across the country and puts CASH into home seller’s pockets. Robert enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with owner financing to tout the advantages while dispelling its myths.

Get Access to Our “Secret” Facebook Group!

A safe place to discuss your deals, ask your questions and get help from the group and get to know each other.  This group is PRIVATE and SECRET, only for the member of the CLUB.


Monthly Q&A Webinars and Calls – YOU Pick the Subject!

Each month, in addition to the expert interviews, we have a question and answer sessions discussing issues that are of concern to YOU.  Some of the topics in the past were:

  • What if there was a suicide in your rehab?
  • Probates and Reverse Mortgages
  • Can YOU handle being a Landlord?
  • Do New Builds scare you?
  • How to find YOUR “Sweet-Spot” as a real estate investor
  • “Why won’t this house sell”?
  • Deal Analysis and Hot Seats
  • and more…

…and Surprise Bonuses!

From time to time, I throw in a special bonus such as new extra webinars on hot topics and useful tools, and the members LOVE THEM!  The bonus calls and webinars are recorded for the members to access online, just like our monthly Q&A and Expert Webinars. Here are just an example bonus available in our members-only area:

How to Get Paid for Referring Leads to Another

This business makes it so easy for people to get burned for sharing deals.  In this module we talk about documents needed when referring a lead to another and how to expect payments.  Included is a sample payout agreement that you take to closing so you don’t have to depend on your new “friend” to be honest and pay you in a timely manner.

When Real Estate Deals Go Bad – What to do?

Awesome call with Real Estate Consultant Jinean Florom who talks about the process of negotiating how to deal with all the parties when a real estate deal goes bad.  This call is only available for a fee but free for Members.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many calls are there a month?

A: We have 2 calls a month.

Q: Can I get the downloads of the monthly Q&A Webinars?

A: Yes, the replays will be online each month in the members area for you to download or watch/listen to online

Q: How long can I access the Club Calls/Webinars?

A: We make 3 most recent replays for both our Expert calls and Q&A calls available on the Club Recordings page.  For your convenience, we also provide download links for the recordings.

Q: Can I join during the month?

A: Yes, you can join at any time and will receive access to that month’s content.

Q: How long are the Club Calls?

A: The calls are generally 60-90 minutes, but sometimes they end a bit early, or could extend to 2 hours depending on the subject and the time it takes for everyone to get their questions answered.

Q: Can you analyze one of my deals during a call?

A: Yes!  Submit the information in the Secret Facebook group and we will discuss it on one of the calls as long as there is time.  If multiple deals are submitted then we will the chose the one that looks like it could bring the best value in learning experiences.

Q: How often am I billed?

A: You are billed automatically every 30 days.

Q: Can I cancel any time?

A: Yes, you can cancel any time by sending an email to support and we will cancel all future payments.  Please give us at least a 5-day notice to process your cancellation.  Once your payment has been processed, no refund will be issued.

Q: Will you fund my deal?

A: No, I will not fund your deals and I don’t recommend members doing deals together unless they have all their paperwork in place and reviewed by an attorney.  You must remember that most of the people in the club are still in a learning mode and there are a lot of costly issues that can arise by partnering with inexperienced investors.  Should you decide to go into real estate deals together, even with my warning, you by the nature of if the Club rules waive any responsibility of the outcome to me, my associates and other Club members.

Q: Will you teach me how to be a Real Estate Investor?

A: No, this is NOT a training program for new Real Estate Investors.  It’s designed for people that already know something about real estate investing but want to expand their knowledge or discuss specific issues to their real estate related issues.

guaranteedOur 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are convinced you will be 100% satisfied with this membership club!  You’ll love the Experts who come on and train you in various topics.  You’ll like t he personal touch of interacting with Jean, and having her help you in YOUR Real Estate Business with YOUR questions, not just automated stock answers or answers from an inexperienced “coach”.  If you are not completely satisfied, contact us by email and we will cancel all future payments. (Please note that we need at lest 5-day advance notice before your next billing cycle to process your cancellation.  Once a payment is processed, no refunds will be issued.) -Jean Norton

To summarize: When you join the Rehabbing Remotely Club, you’ll get:

  • Specialized Exert Interview Webinars/Tele-seminars on specific topics which change monthly
  • Online video replays and .mp3 downloads of Expert Interviews
  • PLUS a monthly Q&A Access Call call to answer YOUR questions
  • A special Q&A area just for Club Members only
  • An optional “HOT SEAT” or “DEAL ANALYSIS” exercise shared with the group
  • Facebook SECRET Group specifically for RR Club Members
  • Surprise Bonuses!


YES! I Want to Sign Up for the Rehabbing Remotely Club

  • Jean, please let me into the RR Club.  I want to become a member of the club, interact with the other club members if I choose to and learning online from the comfort of my own home.  I know that if I miss any calls, I can get the replay in the members area.
  • I understand that once my order is authorized, you will process my order promptly and reserve my place in the Rehabbing Remotely Club. I understand it’s an online Membership Program.
  • I understand I will learn about Real Estate Investing with the added issues by being remote to the Invested Location, and that you nor anyone else has made any income promises to me and that my income is dependent solely on my own efforts and that of my business.
  • I understand that prior to entering any real estate or other business deals with other members of the club, that an attorney or competent real estate consultant will review the paperwork and hold harmless Jean and any associates and any club members for any adverse affects of that business venture.
  • I understand that I can cancel at any timely contacting your team via email.

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